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 Since 2017  – A Safe place for those seeking Recovery from Substance Abuse to share their experience, strength and hope without Religion. “We’re not here to save your Soul–We’re here to save your A@#ss!! “

Online Recovery Meetings that are Safe and well moderated to insure a positive Recovery experience. We have no outside affiliations. We are an AA Group that has monthly Group Conscience Meetings. AA Group #431993

11 listed Online Meetings 7 days per week ( Open-Womens-Mens-Newcomer-Advanced )

Open Debate and Transparency are encouraged in this Group.

Love and Tolerance is our Code.

So long as there is the slightest interest in sobriety, the most unmoral, the most anti-social, the most critical alcoholic may gather about him a few kindred spirits and announce to us that a new Alcoholics Anonymous Group has been formed. Anti-God, anti-medicine, anti-our Recovery Program, even anti-each other — these rampant individuals are still an AA Group if they think so!

This was in Bill Wilson’s article in the Grapevine, “Anarchy Melts”, published in 1946.