Opioid Crisis Porn

I’m So Sick of Opioid Disaster Porn John Allen, a heroin addiction survivor, attends a[...] Read More

Cocaine addiction traced to increase in number of Orexin neurons

A study in cocaine-addicted rats reports long-lasting increases in the number of neurons that produce[...] Read More

The ‘Secular AA’ Movement

The ‘Secular AA’ Movement In this blog post, Zachary Munro discusses the development of a[...] Read More

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Universal Declaration of Atheist Rights

Every day around the world atheists are discriminated against in overt and covert ways. Even in[...] Read More

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“Which Way Secular AA?”

A Determined Atheist Asks – “Which Way Secular AA?” By John H “Spirituality is not[...] Read More


A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism

A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism By studying rats in a smarter way,[...] Read More

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The God Word Delusion

The “God” Word’ Delusion By John H Delusion can come in many forms. It can[...] Read More


Sober Time in AA

Why Stacking Up “Sober Time” in AA Can Be Dangerous By Tracy Chabala 06/22/16 Counting[...] Read More


Twelve-Step Groups as Religious Organizations

Twelve-Step Groups as Religious Organizations by Charles Bufe Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, 12-step[...] Read More

What is Atheism

What is atheism? Reprinted from Atheist Alliance.org Atheism is very simple, yet widely misunderstood. The[...] Read More