A Determinded Atheist’s View: “Who we really Are” AA Beyond Belief

This episode features a conversation with John H. from the We Agnostics Group in Washington, DC. John, who describes himself as a “determined atheist” is of the opinion that the Secular AA organization should sever its ties to traditional AA, and he explains his reasoning in this discussion.

Are Atheist Thumpers Dividing AA?: ICSAA 2018 Panel cracked cup

Moderated by Vic L. – August 24, 2018 Toronto,Canada

  • Sam E.
  • Courtney S.
  • Thomas B.

Relevence of the 12 Steps : John H. – August 24, 2018 John Huey

John H. gives his Oral critique of the “12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous” during a featured presentation at the International Conference of Secular Alcoholics Anonymous  (ICSAA 2018) in Toronto,Canada.

56 minutes

widening the gateway

Widening the Gateway Conference “The Core of Recovery Panel”

Recovery without recourse to The Twelve Steps.

Presented at the “Widening  the Gateway” Regional Forum in Tacoma, WA on March 31, 2018

John H. Moderator

Mary G. Panelist

Bill K. Panelist

Audio recording of the Panel featuring John Huey as moderator

1hr : 14min (Links may take a few minutes to load on some systems

LEAVING GOD: Why I left God and why so many others are too. from Big Idea Video on Vimeo.

Jimmy Burwell Jimmy Burwell : Last Lead – 1957

Jimmy Burwell gives his last lead in Sacramento California in 1957

1hr : 11min (Links may take a few minutes to load on some systems)